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The Super Concentrate Dish Washing Detergent Clear 1000ml | SWIPE Singapore

The Super Concentrate Dish Washing Detergent Clear 1000ml

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  • Super concentrated formula. Equivalent for 3 liters of normal detergents. Cleans your dishes with only a few droplets!
  • Hard on grease but soft on hands! Apply a droplet or two onto a sponge. The rich lather provides effective cleaning power. Contains special moisturizing agent, especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. Tested in Germany proved the SWIPE Dish-washing Detergent is harmless to the skin under normal use.
  • Easy to rinse, unlike other detergents. Saves time and effort!
  • Anti-bacterial formula inhibits bacterial growth on dishes, utensils, and sponges. Eliminates formation of malodor on sponges/dishcloth.
Directions for Use
  • Apply onto a sponge. Wash and then rinse off, leaves dishes/utensils sparkingly clean.
Shelf Life
  • 3 years from the date of manufacturing