The Super Concentrate Dish Washing Detergent 1000ml
The Super Concentrate Dish Washing Detergent 1000ml

The Super Concentrate Dish Washing Detergent 1000ml

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  • Super concentrated formula. Equivalent for 3 liters of normal detergents. Cleans your dishes with only a few droplets!
  • Hard on grease but soft on hands! Apply a droplet or two onto a sponge. The rich lather provides effective cleaning power. Contains special moisturizing agent, especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. Tested in Germany proved the SWIPE Dish-washing Detergent is harmless to the skin under normal use.
  • Easy to rinse, unlike other detergents. Saves time and effort!
  • Anti-bacterial formula inhibits bacterial growth on dishes, utensils, and sponges. Eliminates formation of malodor on sponges/dishcloth.
Directions for Use
  • Apply onto a sponge. Wash and then rinse off, leaves dishes/utensils sparkingly clean.
Shelf Life
  • 3 years from the date of manufacturing

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eileen Koh
Proven to be gentle on hands

I am allergy to washing detergents off the shelves of the super mart. However I am impressed with swipe which was recommended to me by friends. It cleans well, smells good and is gentle on my hands. I do not feel the itch other detergents did to my hands and I no longer need gloves to wash dishes.

Cannot Clean Everything

I had wanted to give this product a second chance. So I bought it a second time but again it failed to clean synthetic materials. In particular was my synthetic dishwashing washcloths. I had to throw out many washcloths because the grease clung onto them in spite of multiple soaping through with Swipe Dishwashing Liquid. Truly disappointed.

Dear Esther,

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that SWIPE Dishwashing Liquid did not manage to remove grease from your washcloths. Due to the fibres of the washcloth that traps grease, we would recommend that you try our Blue SWIPE Ready To Use Multi-Purpose Cleaner instead. It is specially formulated as a grease cutter.

Do you know we have a Whatsapp Helpline to assist you on any tough grease and stains removal? You will be able to find the Whatsapp messaging button on the bottle right of your screen.

We hope that you would give us another shot, as they always say 3rd time is a charm.

grace gan
Swipe dishwashing detergent

I like it, 3rd purchase. It cleans well and smells good